Georgia is a beautiful country with a lot of filming potential. It offers impressive natural and man-made structures for shooting movies, commercials or documentaries. Costs for filming in Georgia are relatively low and it is easy to get crew, local talent and location permits.

Georgia Filming Permits

The country welcomes foreign production companies with open arms. Filming in Georgia is allowed in quite a good number of public places. Capital city Tbilisi does not require a citywide permit for simple projects such as b-roll filming. However, if you are planning a bigger project that might require you to close some streets, you will only get a 3-day permit.

Fixer Georgia can assist with processing required filming permits in Georgia and contacting the police department for traffic control assistance. Filming is also possible within cathedrals and monasteries. However, you will have to contact us ahead of time since such permits take a little longer to process.

Foreign Journalists

Georgia’s relation with international journalists is excellent and there have been no reports of hostilities towards foreign media. The country is quite receptive to foreign crews doing news coverage or documentaries. No special work visas are required and entry into Georgia is totally dependent on the regulations in the country of origin.

Tax Incentives

Filming in Georgia is supported by incentives of up to 20% tax rebate for foreign movies with a budget of more than US$ 300,000 to be spent locally. However, this incentive is only for shoots that last for 4 days or more. Foreign companies who make reference to Georgia as a filming location also get an additional 2 to 5% rebate.