International journalists working in Georgia need all the help they can get to navigate through the country. Fixer Georgia offers local support for foreign journalists coming over.

Our support for international journalists includes:

  •    Initial research
  •    Fact checking
  •    Local access
  •    General production support (logistics, crew hire, equipment rental etc)

Foreign journalists in need of help with covering or filming in Georgia can contact us for inquiries and support. You can be sure of a speedy response and friendly terms of services.

Initial Research

At Fixer Georgia, we understand how hard it is for international journalists covering a story from a foreign country. Our local fixers can help with initial research needed to get a better understanding of your report. Contact us for a free brief initial research.

Fact Checking

Getting your story right is important for international journalists. With multiple sources available online, it is hard to verify the facts unless you have sources on the ground with thorough information. With our extensive network and trusted sources spread all over the country, fast fact checks are seamless for us.

Local Access to Contributors

Whether trying to book an interview with a high-ranking government official, local celebrity or getting information from remote villages and communities, you need all the local assistance you can get to navigate the country.

Our fixers in Georgia can help with securing the required access seamlessly. Fixer Georgia has contacts all over the country to assist you to get to find your way to your local contributors for complete and comprehensive reporting.

Production Support

Fixer Georgia is all the help and support you need for successful news coverage.  We offer affordable production support you can always depend on.


As a highly experienced team of fixers, we know your logistics and production needs and we help you work within your budget and on schedule.