Georgia is a superb country popular for its natural landscape which includes breathtaking mountainous scenery and vast coastal locations. In addition to the beautiful natural landscape, the country is also home to some historic buildings like old cathedrals, mosques and other man-made structures. Some of the best known filming locations in Georgia are mentioned below.

Caucasus Mountains

In this area, you will find mountaintop cathedrals, small villages and amazing ski resorts. The Georgian military highway is also in the region and offers a spectacular road network ideal for shooting car commercials or even highway speed chase scenes. The region includes other popular filming locations in Georgia like the Kakheti wineries, Shatili mountain village, Uplistsikhe etc.

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Vardzia Cave City

This is a cave monastery located in the southern region of Georgia and believed to have been established in the 12th century. It has about three hundred apartments and halls all open for filming.

Veryovkina Cave

This is the deepest cave in the world measuring a depth of about 2,212 meters. The 2nd deepest cave in the world, Kubra, is also located in Georgia.

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This mountain town is located in the western area of Georgia. There is a very old cable car system in this town dating back to the old Soviet-era. The cable cars are still in operation, which makes Chiatura a place to keep in mind among filming locations in Georgia.

National Parks of Georgia

There are several national parks in the country, all of them providing stunning natural scenery great for filming. Popular examples include Borjomi-Kharagauli, Vashlovani, Lagodechi, and Tusheti.

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The capital city of Georgia hosts several possible filming locations. There are public places like the newly-built airport and subway available for filming as well as architectural structures like the Public Service Hall, or the Holy Trinity Cathedral and Narikala Fortress among a long list of others.

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