Our production fixer in Georgia can work independently to source for locations, process permits and provide other forms of logistics help. We can also assist with hiring extra crew members for filming in Georgia.

While our mode of operation is just as effective as that of a fully-fledged production company in Georgia, Fixer Georgia is a cheaper alternative. We have no fixed costs since our fixers are freelancers. We also have contacts all over the country and can help you negotiate cheaper deals on all your production needs.

Location Scouting

There are many popular filming locations within the city of Tbilisi and a long list of others around it. Fixer Georgia has an extensive network that covers the entire country. We can do location scouting based on your requests or suggest impressive filming locations for you in Georgia. Fixer Georgia can also assist with obtaining filming permits from authorities whenever required.

Crew Sourcing

Georgia offers a small pool of professional directors, photographers, and videographers. However, specialist crew can be brought in from nearby popular European production centers. Fixer Georgia can assist with the process of hiring crew members and negotiate the best deals for you.

Equipment Hire

You can get all the standard gear needed for filming in Georgia. There are cameras, lighting and grip equipment available for rentals. However, specialized gear will have to be brought in from abroad. Given enough time and a full list of your equipment needs, our production fixer in Georgia can assist with the process of shipping in equipment from neighbouring countries.

Assistance for Foreign Journalists

At Fixer Georgia, we have extensive knowledge and wealth of experience in dealing with international media and foreign journalists. We can help you score interviews with local Georgian celebrities or high-ranking officials with relative ease.

Our production fixer in Georgia also has an expansive network that makes it easy to cover reports in the big cities as well as remote villages. Fixer Georgia also assists foreign journalists with quick fact checks and full initial research.

General Production Support

Our local fixers in Georgia can assist with all your production needs including sourcing for crew members and putting together the team and other logistics needed for your project.